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LevelUp Networks

LevelUp Networks was founded in the UK in 2009 by a group of web entrepreneurs who had had their own fair share of bad experiences with hosting companies. The key objective for LUN is to keep everything simple and transparent. No hidden charges or complicated packages. Just plain and reliable, cost effective hosting solutions that does what it says on the "tin".

Why Choose Us

We realised that even though the Internet was becoming increasingly popular, there was still an ample need for web hosting services. Although the worldwide market has a lot of web hosting companies, the UK market is strictly ran by just a few. The services offered by these companies, were not just expensive, but they also do not offer as many features as LevelUp Networks does. Through an extensive market research and examination of the UK market we realised that certain companies were using the lack of knowledge of the Internet by the general public to their advantage. What this means is that they were charging customers for services which should be included in any web hosting package. This is exactly what we have done at LevelUp Networks. We have included all the services a customer may require at no additional costs.

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Our Unique Personal Approach

LevelUp Networks customers have a real impact on our business and products with many of customer ideas and suggestions implemented to date.

We believe that even in a virtual and highly automated world the best means of support is still provided by real people and our highly personal and tailored approach to providing our web services also means that you will receive a service that is specifically designed to accommodate your needs. To get started, you can contact us with your requirements and we will find you with the best possible solution.

LevelUp Networks provides 24x7x365 customer support with some of the quickest response rates you will find in hosting. We deal in minutes, not in days.

Goals of LevelUp Networks

Our goal is to provide our clients with a superior support environment through customer service, a unique suite of services, and the latest technological advances in server hardware.

Today we are set out to become the premier web hosting provider that becomes your final destination for shared web hosting, domain hosting, and servers. Our team has spent two years fine tuning processes, products, and offerings to stay competitive and value oriented. We have worked hard to secure a global network of servers, hired forward thinking hosting experts, and internally built a hosting infrastructure that is both unique, secure, and reliable.

The future of hosting will bring massive changes in the upcoming years and the product development team is already hard at work evaluating new service, enhancing current product sets, and obsessing about the current infrastructure.

With the launch of this new website we had a couple goals that you should take advantage of. We wanted to put some faces to the names of people you will deal with on a daily basis. The Staff Profiles provide you both a visual and personal outlook on the system administrators, management, and customer service people you will deal with on a daily basis. Finally we wanted to provide you in depth information on our services, network, and policies. The final goal was to provide what we consider the world’s best service level agreement which simplifies and establishes the LUN Promise to our customers.

Please take a look around our site and contact us if you have questions, comments, suggestions - or even complaints. Any feedback you provide will help us serve you better in the end!

Some of our satisfied customers!

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